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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing fitted in Chester

Secondary glazing we fitted in Alsager, Cheshire. 

Nothing beats the character and style of traditional windows. Their solid wooden frames complement your home better than any modern alternative. Despite their good looks, they may let themselves down when it comes to the practical side of life. We’ve all woken up on a cold morning to see our breath hanging in the air, or struggling to rise out of a warm bed into a chilly room. Or even on a stormy night, you may feel the unwelcome draught of the wind and hear it blowing through the gaps in the frames.

There’s also the thought of precious heat escaping from your home. No matter how much money you spend on insulation and heating, the warmth still seems to find ways to escape. 



A Warmer, Quieter Home

Our  popular “Heat Tech” secondary glazing gives you the opportunity to have a warmer and quieter home. Leaving your existing windows undisturbed, it’s fitted quickly and easily into the surrounds. We also offer you a choice of colours so that you can match the interior decoration of your rooms. 

All secondary glazing panels are fitted with double polypile which gives you the best possible seal around the secondary glazing frame and completely eliminates draughts. 

Direct summer sun causing heat to build up in south facing rooms will also be tempered if coming through a secondary glazed window, thereby keeping temperatures in check.

The units undergo thorough sound testing, achieving reductions of 20 decibels with single glazing and 40 decibels with double, or the equivalent of wearing ear plugs. If you’re currently experiencing excess road noise or noisy neighbours, secondary glazing will ensure that your home becomes a quieter place. 

Get in touch today and we’d be happy to comprehensively advise you on secondary glazing. 

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We cover all areas of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire. 

Secondary glazing in the Peak District

SGR secondary glazing keeps your home warmer. Saving you money and stopping drafts. 

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