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Misted and Failed Double Glazed Units Replaced

Our team can replace your failed double glazed units quickly and easily. Whether you want them fitted or supplied, we carry a wide range of styles, as well as being able to turnaround new orders very swiftly.  We stock “Warmseal” units too which are the most energy efficient models available. 

Why Replace a Failed Unit?

If your double glazed unit has failed, the air seal between the two panes of glass will have broken down. This is likely to mean that not only has the unit begun to mist up, but it will also have lost the insulating properties, resulting in cool air filtering into the room and lowering temperatures. 

Wear and tear also play a part.  If the unit is more than a couple of years old, it is highly likely that its energy efficiency is gradually being depleted. The longer you ignore the unit with its poor insulating properties, will impact negatively as your heating bills spiral.

All units have an energy rating and your existing windows can be replaced with higher or the highest energy rated units available at the time. A wise choice which would ensure that the upgrade brings about significant and immediate savings on heating charges. 

Can You Repair The Unit?

There are a number of people online who claim to be able to repair misted double glazed units and make them good as new. 

The method they use is to drill a small hole in the seal of the unit, clean out the water and then add desiccant to absorb any more leaks. The unit is then resealed. 

There are a number of issues with this. Drilling a hole in the unit will affect its structure and you also have to be very careful that the window has been completely sealed again to ensure that the problem won’t return after a few weeks. 

The other major drawback of a repair is that the cost of a replacement double glazed unit is usually fairly low. Whether you’re getting your window repaired or replaced. In both cases, the labour will be the major cost. 

If you opt for replacement, your new unit is likely to be more energy efficient and will come with a fresh 10 year warranty (valid as long as the unit is correctly glazed into a sufficiently drained uPVC frame). 

How Long Will It Take?

If you’re having units supplied by us or fitted, in both cases they will be ready in about a week. 

When we’re fitting we’ll also come and measure up for you to ensure that you get the right size.

We cover the following areas:

-Newcastle under Lyme
-Stoke on Trent
-The Westlands 

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